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A New Year for Giving

It was only a couple of months ago that we opened our virtual storefront to the Philippines. Thank you for making our soft opening such an exciting season! Your warm response inspires us to keep building our little store for giving. 

We've just turned the corner into a new year. Until the end of this month, we're offering some of our favorite products at special discounted prices with free shipping to customers in Metro Manila. 

You are invited to sign up for exclusive discounts! If you're at the store right now, just click on the purple tab on the bottom left corner and plug in your email address. We'll deliver limited offers straight to your inbox - and we pinky promise not to overload you with mail! (Read: Up to only 2 emails a month!) The best part? You get 10% off your first purchase after you sign up! 
Stay tuned for more beautiful products on our shelves this year!