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Baa-ul Celebrates International Women's Day: Be Bold for Change

A special day is just around the corner: International Women's Day!

We are joining the global campaign and rallying for women around the world. This year's theme is: Be bold for change

Baa-ul's shelves are filled with work by women and we are excited for the extra reason to celebrate the lives and craft of the workers we represent.

From Baa-ul HQ, we invite you to join us as we stand up for women.


This month, send a gift to a woman that has inspires you.

Encourage at least one amazing woman in your life this month by sharing a card, gift basket or surprise present!

A percentage from our sales this month will be donated to a scholarship for a woman from one of our partner enterprises. You'll be giving back and giving meaningfully! 

Not only will every purchase this month humbly count towards a woman's education, but we are proud to share that many of our partner enterprises stand up for women in bold ways every day - by providing livelihood for women survivors of abuse, stay at home moms and women farmers. 

Some lovely examples are the handmade greeting cards on our shelves. They may be quirky and funny, but they also represent new life for women escaping sex trafficking and prostitution in the Philippines. To us, these greeting cards represent the opportunity for women to blossom into a life of independence, stability, safety and beauty. 

We are privileged to be a part of their story. 

How will you be bold for change today? 

Challenge bias and inequality.
Campaign against violence. 
Forge women's advancement. 
Celebrate women's achievement. 
Champion women's education. 
Visit to find out more about the worldwide campaign!