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Make the most of vinegar’s benefits

Who doesn’t have a bottle of vinegar at home? It’s a staple in almost every household! Vinegar has been used in various recipes, folk remedies, and cleaning solutions for centuries. Some of its benefits include helping with digestion, boosting energy, and lowering blood sugar levels. While apple cider vinegar is the most common type, there are other kinds as well, such as honey cider vinegar and mulberry vinegar. Here are some ways you can include vinegar into your diet*.

With water. You can add two teaspoons of vinegar to eight ounces of water and drink the mix before breakfast.     

With honey. If you don’t like the taste of vinegar, add some honey. Also, the mix of honey and vinegar is perfect for a pre-workout drink! Mix one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of vinegar in eight ounces of water before your workout.

Marinade. Vinegar’s acidity helps tenderize meat, which makes it a necessary addition in marinades. You can try different combinations to make your own perfect marinade. Here’s two that you can try:

  • Honey cider vinegar + sesame oil + patis + calamansi
  • Mulberry vinegar + coconut oil + soy sauce + garlic + ginger

Salad dressing. Create your own dressing using vinegar mixed with other ingredients in your kitchen. You can make balsamic vinaigrette, Greek salad dressing, or red wine vinegar dressing. Feel free to experiment!

Seasoning. Adding a splash of vinegar can perk up the flavors of a lot of dishes. You can make a simple salt and vinegar seasoning that can be used for anything from potato chips to chicken wings.


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* If you take regular medication, please consult with your doctor before including vinegar as part of your daily routine!


Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash