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Why should I send a greeting card or a postcard?

When was the last time you received a message that made you feel appreciated and loved?

When was the last time you sent a message that made someone smile or feel special?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Nowadays, we’re so used to receiving and sending PMs, DMs, emails or text messages. While technology is great at helping us communicate quickly and efficiently, our digital messages often lack a personal touch and most don’t really inspire warm feelings. On the other hand, receiving a greeting card can increase a person’s sense of well-being. Neuroscientist Dr. Lynda Shaw explained that being aware of the time a person spends on a greeting card - choosing one, writing a personalized note, and then posting it - makes the recipient feel that the sender cares about them. This applies to postcards too!

So if you want to send out a greeting card but can’t decide what, here are some of our top choices:

  1. Funny cards. Send this to a friend with a quirky sense of humor, or a loved one who needs to smile more.
  2. Greeting cards that celebrate important events. We’ve got cards for birthdays, anniversaries and other special events.
  3. Artistic postcards. Check out our Alphabet postcards inspired by the devotional Knowing God By His Names and this postcard featuring poetry by Nathania Aritao designed with moveable type and printed by the artist with a traditional table top letterpress.
  4. Handmade cards that help. Did you know that Good Paper greeting cards are created with handmade abaca paper and put together by Filipina women who have escaped sex trafficking and abuse? Your purchase not only makes a friend or loved one happy — it also gives enables these women to work and support their families in a sustainable way.

Show your friends and family that you care about them by sending a greeting card or postcard! Check out all our cool and funny Good Paper greeting cards here and our unique postcards over here.