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Why we love GOOD PAPER

Handwritten cards make a precious gift. Most days, an e-card or text message just won't do. It's getting harder and harder to find greeting cards that express the perfect sentiments - but we've got you covered with handmade cards by Good Paper!

Here's five reasons why we love Good Paper

1. Good Paper cards say what we mean. 

There's a card for every occasion and a design that suits every personality. Just look at a few cards and we're sure you'll already be imagining the friends you can't wait to write them to. Their designs are pun-ny, foodie friendly, and unlike any we've seen in bookstores today. They mix humor, wit and pop culture, all while keeping it classy with original designs and quality craftsmanship. 

2. Good Paper cards are handcrafted. 

You can tell the cards are made with utmost care and attention to detail. They are so well made, you might forget that the cards were prepared and assembled by hand. As a sweet feature, the back of each card is hand-signed by the woman who made it.

3. Their paper is made by hand with abaca fiber. 

Not only are the cards handmade, Good Paper takes it a step further by making paper by hand too! Abaca fiber from Bicol, Philippines, goes into the paper used for these beautiful cards. No photos do this justice - the paper has this wonderful felt-y, fabric-like feel, in vibrant colors!

4. They are blank inside. 

Say goodbye to the cheesy lines inside greeting cards! You'll no longer have to wrap your handwriting around unwanted pre-printed greetings on the inside of your card. All Good Paper cards are blank inside, so that what you say is 100% you! 

5. They offer hope and sustainable work for women in the Philippines. 

Good Paper works with partners to employ women escaping various challenging backgrounds in the Philippines, such as trafficking, forced prostitution or abuse.

Beyond the joy of giving a beautiful card as a gift, every purchase helps contribute to the livelihood of these women, many of whom are the breadwinners of their families. 

What a meaningful way to give. Send a card to your loved ones today!  

Good Paper greeting cards are available in our store here