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Happy Kitchen Set: Honey & Vinegars

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A set of four bottles for a happy kitchen:

  • 500 g jar of Mellifera Honey
  • 250 g jar of Stingless Bee Honey
  • 500 ml bottle of Honey Cider Vinegar
  • 250 ml bottle of Mulberry Vinegar


Dark/Semi Dark Mellifera Honey: use as sweetener, for vitamins, for skincare. Packaged in a glass bottle (approx 500g). 

Stingless Bee Honey: great source of energy and vitamins, boosts your immunity (250 g) 

Honey Cider Vinegar: tastes great with food as salad dressing, marinade, or seasoning. You may also take it as homeopathy, as it is likened to apple cider vinegar. 

Mulberry Vinegar: can be used in salad dressing or marinade. Also great to top off a bowl of ice cream! Harvested once a year and fermented for nine months. Comes in a glass bottle. 


Supplied by Precious Trading Co.