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Raw Honey Nectar, Christmas Collection

Raw Honey Nectar, Christmas Collection

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Six individual jars of raw honey nectar for Christmas gifting! 

Precious Trading Co's Honey is harvested from different bees around the Philippines. All the honey comes from the raw nectar of the plants. No two harvests are alike!

Dark/Semi Dark Mellifera Honey: use as sweetener, for vitamins, for skincare. Packaged in a glass bottle (approximately 340 g). 



*Subject to availability of honey from the harvests. 


From the Baa-ul Blog: 

"Honey is known for its countless health and medicinal benefits..The honey produced by Apis mellifera is considered one of the oldest traditional medicines used in treating various diseases due to its significant antibacterial effects and nutritional value. It’s also a great alternative to processed sugar. Fun fact: there are only 86 calories in one ounce of honey while there are 110 calories in an ounce of granulated white sugar... Read more.